Friday, March 25, 2005


Product Update

Venus Model Rocketry announces the availability of two new products. These products are geared towards the Quest Aerospace Micro Maxx model rocket motor, a midget powerhouse for 1/8A class NAR events.

The products are the Micro Model Series of composite tubes. Each pack, there is one for Parachute duration models with a 5/8" internal diameter and one for Streamer duration models with a 3/8" internal diameter, contains three body tubes, three nosecones, ejection plugs, fin stock and instructions on assembly. You simply add the fins, cut from the provided stock, and tie off the nosecone then add recovery device before flight.

Micro Models are not your run of the mill ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) model rocket. They are intended as high performance contest grade rocket bodies featuring ultra-lightweight construction. Each tube is hand made on custom machined stock from fiberglass, epoxy and decorative tissue and mylar coverings. For their volume, no other tube can match it in terms of weight and ability to fit a large recovery device beneath it's fiberglass nosecone, also a custom part.

Micro Models are economically priced at $14.00 for the Parachute Pack, APK-001, and $12.00 for the Streamer Pack, APK-002.

Assembly supplies, rocket motors and launch equipment is not provided. Common sense and adherence to the National Association of Rocketry's Safety Code is also the responsibility of the user.

For additional information on these products and the other products/plans from VENUS MODEL ROCKETRY, visit the website at

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Venus Model Rocketry launches the Corkscrew

It's November 4, 2004 and today Venus Model Rocketry, a cottage manufacturer of hobby related products, announces the release of their Corkscrew helicopter recovery model rocket, kit # RKT001.

The Corkscrew is a unique model designed around the popular T-series of Estes model rocket motors. The model is entertaining to watch as it ascends under the power of a single rocket motor in a gentle spiral then awe inspiring as it transitions into a full fledged helicopter and spins slowly down to earth ready to go aloft for another exciting flight.

The model is constructed of balsa and paper but requires some experience assembling model kits. This is not a kit for the beginner.

For more information, e-mail Venus Model Rocketry at

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